The Coltbaan 2 facility in Nieuwegein comprises of 2.200 m2 of datacenter space and associated office / training and meeting space.
The building is a former government developed data center (rijksgebouwendienst) for the social security bank (SVB). In that time (1992) considered as a unique secure design. The surrounding water not only secures the site but could also be used for "green" cooling techniques. Furthermore the substantial site (0.6 ha) serves dedicated car parking and flexible plant solutions.


Coltbaan is located in Nieuwegein business park ': Plettenburg-West" which is an established industrial and office area. Coltbaan benefits from excellent transport links - situated in between the A2, A27 and A12 all within 3 km. Trains and buses go directly to Utrecht central station in 15 minutes.


The lay out of this datacenter is flexible and could be used for office, data centre and training centre next to datar ooms. Without major improvements on the building a maximum of 2.200 m2 of data centre space is possible with enough space for the technical rooms.
First floor is being used as restaurant and meeting rooms. The second floor consists of 955 m2 computer room and 343 m2 offices. The third floor is being used as a back up / training centre of 548 m2. Technical rooms are available on all floors with most of the technical space on third floor.
Large parts of the building have raised floors with 2.7 meters space to the underside of the ceiling. The maximum floor loading is suitable for datacenter use. Furthermore a secure managed delivery bay with lift is available.

Technical installations

The technical installations are approximately 18 years old. Some elements have already been replaced. Dependent on client needs, the installations of the data centre could be upgraded.
Two upgrade scenarios have been analyzed:
1) Upgrade to last for a 10 year period.
2) Upgrade the installation to new market - and energy efficient standards
In both options parts of the installations can be re-used.
The main power supply is 1.7 MVA. It is possible to upgrade the power connection to 5 MVA. With this upgrade the data centre power supply is more than 2.2 kW/m2.
With a market standard of 1,5kW/m2 the current power connection is sufficient for the available 955 m2 data space and the training centre of 548 m2.
Dependent on client needs different solution could be implemented. With or without an upgrade of the power connection. UPS system and back up generators are available.
Security of the datacenter is in place with access control at the building entrances, CCTV installation and 24 -7 on site security. Fire safety is controlled by fire detection system and gas suppression for technical rooms.
Cooling systems can either be used or upgraded to more energy efficient standards.

Click here to download a pdf containing all information and technical data.
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